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I have been working with Mia Grossman, the Founder of Coastal Creative Services, since she started her company in 2014. Mia is a professional, ethical, extremely diligent and always helps above and beyond what is expected. Her writing skills and over all work is outstanding. She always responds quickly to any questions or issues I may have. Mia is my Public Relations Representative and has helped me with my Branding as well as created my website from scratch which I am very happy with. She also designs my monthly newsletter, writes my blogs, posts on social media, and does graphic designs for a lot of my print work (business cards, flyers, invitations, etc.). I would highly recommend Mia Grossman, Founder of Coastal Creative Services, to anyone in need of Branding, Digital Marketing and Public Relations. Mia is a wonderful person and I am so happy to have her in my corner.
— M.H., Luxury Real Estate Broker & Cryptocurrency Expert
If you’re looking for someone who will work harder than anybody Mia is your girl. She will try everything and continue trying to help you reach your goals! She is knowledgeable - she is creative - she is innovative and definitely someone you do well to have on your team!
— Rebecca Kordecki, Celebrity Fitness Expert
Working with Mia has always been incredible and has helped my business immensely. From the beginning, she helped me with everything, going far beyond the scope of her digital marketing and PR work. She has an incredible attention to detail, is super organized, and always thought of everything! She is a terrific writer with top-notch editorial connections and is a true expert in social media... she’s the real deal. Her work ethic is hard to come by and I can count on her for anything.
— C.M., Interior Designer

Coastal Creative Services was started in 2014 by Mia Grossman, a writer and marketing strategist with an extensive in-house & agency background in the fashion, beauty, & luxury goods worlds. Mia's discerning eye for branding & her penchant for crafting clever content has led her to establish the voice for many Global Fortune 500 brands and family-owned businesses alike. She truly knows how to leverage the power of digital media to create organic buzzes that translate to increased sales for her clients. Mia's established media connections allow her to secure the most coveted editorial placements; she's driven to create unparalleled content and connections for your business. 

A 2-time entrepreneur, Mia understands the priorities of business owners and is passionate about forming creative, sustainable solutions that yield longstanding, profit-focused results. Her inventive ideas are always rooted in her analytics-minded strategies and her range of expertise across myriad industries & disciplines provides her clients more than mere marketing. After the successful sale of the brick & mortar business Mia started from scratch, she added full-scale business and management consulting to her repertoire of services. Mia Grossman founded Coastal Creative Services to pave the way to longstanding success for brands and companies of all industries and sizes.